A defense lawyer may help people or companies that are involved with investigations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or another federal agency, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”), a U.S. Attorney’s Office (“USAO”), a State regulator or prosecutor, or a self-regulatory organization (“SRO”) like FINRA. This does not necessarily mean that the government or agency views the person or company as a wrongdoer. Sometimes the person or company may be just a witness. Other times the government or agency may just be calling in everyone who worked in a particular company, division, or office to find out who if anyone knows anything about whatever the government thinks may have happened. The lawyers who represent any of these types of people or companies in government or agency investigations are often referred to as “defense” lawyers.

Law chess conceptDefense lawyers may also serve as trial counsel for people or companies who are accused of wrongdoing in cases brought in court by the SEC or another federal agency, the DOJ, a USAO, or a State regulator or State prosecutor. A defense lawyer may also represent clients in administrative proceedings brought by a regulator. In a disciplinary proceeding brought by an SRO, the lawyer representing the individual or company against the SRO may be a defense lawyer.

When a company thinks that one or more of its employees may have violated the law, the company may hire a defense lawyer to conduct an internal investigation at the company to find out what happened.

A defense lawyer may also represent people or companies in courtroom trials or in arbitrations against other people or companies. In this context, the term “defense lawyer” is used to refer to the lawyer who is representing the person or company that is being accused of having done something that harmed the plaintiff or the claimant in that particular case.

A defense lawyer may do all of the above things, or may focus on one or more specific areas. These are only examples of some of the things that defense lawyers may do.  Other defense lawyers may do additional things or different kinds of things.

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