Did you know that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is authorized by Congress to offer a monetary NY whistleblower award to eligible individuals? If you come forward with unique and helpful information for the SEC, and that information leads to an SEC enforcement action, you could be awarded a financial incentive as long as over $1 million in sanctions is ordered. The range for the amount of your NYC whistleblower award is between 10% to 30% of the money collected from the case.

You will need to voluntarily provide the information you are privy to in order to be considered for an NY whistleblower award. This means you either communicate with the SEC directly, or hire an attorney. We recommend hiring a whistleblower lawyer to help walk you through the process. If you wish to remain anonymous, which many whistleblowers do, then you will need an attorney to submit the tip on your behalf. Original information is any knowledge you have that is known to you personally but not necessarily available to public sources. When more than one whistleblower steps forward about the same company or the same issue, the original information (or original source) is the one who is credited with the tip.

There are many factors that the SEC considered when determining how much a NY whistleblower awards will be. Some of these factors include: whether you reported the information internally first or not, if you were an active participant in any securities laws violations, if you delayed in submitting a tip, how much information you have to offer, how helpful your information is in bringing about sanctions, and many other factors. At Pickholz Law, we can help advise you to make sure you get any money that is available.

Jason R. Pickholz, the founder of Pickholz Law, is an expert in this area of the law. Not every lawyer knows about NY whistleblower awards or even how to make sure their client receives one. But Mr. Pickholz can help you understand the process of submitting a tip, what the next steps are, and what kind of financial incentive you could possibly expect. Contact us today to discuss your information in a private and confidential discussion. Your original conversation with Mr. Pickholz is free – call today to find out if you have quality information that could lead to sanctions for the SEC and an NY whistleblower award for you.

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