Thomson Reuters Releases 2019 Update to Securities Crimes 2d

SEC whistleblower author

Thomson Reuters has released the 2019 update for the 2-volume book Securities Crimes, co-written by SEC whistleblower author Jason Pickholz.

As explained by Thomson Reuters on its website, the book “provides a thorough review of the application of the securities laws and other criminal statutes in prosecutions, along with an in-depth consideration of how the law is applied in civil enforcement proceedings.”

One of the subjects featured in the book is the SEC whistleblower program.

Entire Chapter on the SEC Whistleblower Program by SEC Whistleblower Author Jason Pickholz

SEC whistleblowers authorIn addition to being an SEC whistleblower lawyer, Jason Pickholz is also an SEC whistleblower author and public speaker.  In 2013, Mr. Pickholz wrote an entire chapter for his book devoted exclusively to the SEC’s whistleblower program.

Some of the many subjects covered in the chapter are:  general eligibility prerequisites for SEC whistleblowers; exclusions from eligibility; how to submit SEC whistleblower information; SEC whistleblower protections; factors that may increase the amount of an SEC whistleblower award; considerations that can decrease the amount of an SEC whistleblower reward; and more.

The 2019 Update

As an SEC whistleblower author, each year Mr. Pickholz updates the whistleblowers chapter to reflect recent developments.  The 2019 update includes new material about:

  • the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Digital Realty Trust v. Somers (2018) regarding private anti-retaliation protections under the Dodd-Frank Act;
  • SEC whistleblower confidentiality;
  • the SEC’s “form and manner” requirements for submitting information;
  • the SEC Form TCR;
  • what constitutes “original information” under the SEC whistleblower rules;
  • publicly-available information;
  • related actions;
  • the SEC’s interpretation of its 120-day rule;
  • experts hired to assist an SEC whistleblower;
  • the SEC’s “led to” and “successful action” requirements;
  • joint SEC whistleblower awards;
  • appeals of SEC whistleblower award determinations;
  • and more.

How You Can Obtain Your Own Copy Of The Book

The Securities Crimes book can be purchased directly from Thomson Reuters in either print or digital format.  Thomson Reuters’ product page for the book can be found here.

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