SEC Whistleblower Law Firm New York City:  What sec whistleblower law firm new york cityHappens To Your Tips? 

Do you think that you have information about a possible securities violation or corporate fraud at a public company?  Not sure how to proceed or want to know what happens with your tips?  Consulting with an SEC whistleblower law firm New York City can help you navigate this complex process.

The General Procedure For Filing An SEC Whistleblower Tip

  1. SEC whistleblowers need to submit their tips on an electronic or paper Form TCR, which contains declarations that they must sign off on.  The form contains little boxes to fill out, which may not be enough space to fully explain everything that an SEC whistleblower knows about a fraud.  It also contains boxes with drop-down selections that can be confusing to someone who is not an SEC whistleblower attorney or a securities industry professional.  This is one reason why a potential SEC whistleblower might want to consult with an SEC whistleblower law firm New York City.
  2. Whistleblower tips that are properly submitted to the SEC are automatically “confidential”, which among other things means that the SEC is not supposed to reveal who the whistleblowers are to their employers.  “Anonymity” means that even the SEC does not get to know a whistleblower’s name, unless and until it grants him or her an SEC whistleblower award.  According to the SEC whistleblower program Rules, tips can be submitted anonymously only if the whistleblower is represented by a lawyer.  This is another reason why a potential whistleblower might want to consult with an SEC whistleblower law firm New York City.
  3. Once a whistleblower’s tip is received, it is typically reviewed by the SEC’s staff.  The reviewing staff can either pass the tip along to the SEC’s Division of Enforcement for further investigation, or label it for No Further Action (“NFA”).  It may be worthwhile for a whistleblower to have an SEC whistleblower law firm help draft and submit their tip, so that hopefully the tip will be more compelling to the SEC’s staff and have a better chance of getting passed along for investigation.
  4. It may take years for an SEC investigation to be completed.  During this time, a whistleblower’s SEC whistleblower lawyer may be one of the few people, perhaps even the only person, the whistleblower feels comfortable talking to about his or her case and experiences.

An SEC Whistleblower Law Firm New York City Can Have Confidence In

The Pickholz Law Offices (the “Firm”) is an SEC whistleblower law firm that was founded by an SEC whistleblower lawyer.  The Firm’s clients have included employees, officers, and others in SEC whistleblower cases involving financial and investment institutions, and public companies listed in the Fortune Top 20, Top 50, Top 100, Top 500, and the Forbes Global 2000.

The Pickholz Law Offices was one of the first law firms anywhere to win an SEC whistleblower award for a client.  It was also the very first law firm ever to win an SEC whistleblower award on appeal to the Commission in Washington, D.C.  Inside Counsel magazine named this unprecedented victory one of the five milestones of the SEC whistleblower program.

If you are considering submitting a tip through the SEC whistleblower program and would like to speak with an SEC whistleblower lawyer, please feel free to give us a call at 347-746-1222.  Your initial consultation of up to one hour is free of charge.

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