Sec Whistleblower Law Firm NyIf you plan to present information to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) about corporate crime or securities fraud, then you may be considering consulting with an SEC whistleblower lawyer about your case.  Having an experienced SEC whistleblower attorney handle your case can be extremely beneficial, especially in understanding how to navigate the numerous rules, regulations, and qualifications which must be met in order to qualify for an SEC whistleblower award.  And because an SEC investigation can go on for a long time, you probably would like to find an SEC whistleblower law firm NY that you can trust.

The Pickholz Law Offices is an SEC whistleblower law firm NY can trust.  Our law firm was founded in 2010, just a few months after the SEC whistleblower program came into being, to help SEC whistleblowers.  Since then, we have represented employees, officers, and others in SEC whistleblower cases involving financial institutions and public companies listed in the Fortune Top 20, Top 50, Top 100, Top 500, and the Forbes Global 2000.

Don’t Take Our Word For It:  Hear What Actual Clients Have To Say About Us

We are honored that several of our clients have written testimonials about our work quality, and our dedication and commitment to them as their SEC whistleblower law firm.  If you value the opinions of actual people who have hired us and worked with us before, please feel free to click on the client Testimonials link in the margin or click here to read their comments for yourself.  Their remarks speak for themselves.  After reading them, we think you will agree that The Pickholz Law Offices is an SEC whistleblower law firm NY — and you — can trust.

A Precedent-Setting SEC Whistleblower Law Firm

The Pickholz Law Offices has proven itself effective and successful in complicated SEC cases.

  • Success In Difficult SEC Whistleblower Cases:Any lawyer can throw in a summary dictated by a client and hope for the best.  That is not how we practice.  At The Pickholz Law Offices, we work closely with each client to make sure that the finished product is something that the client not only approves of, but is happy with.It is also easy for any lawyer to “ride the wave” when a case is going great.  But as of 2017, only a very select few have had any success when an SEC whistleblower case did not go the way their client had hoped, which is always a possibility.  The Pickholz Law Offices not only has — we were the very first law firm to do so.

    We were the first law firm ever to win an SEC whistleblower reward for a client on appeal, after the SEC’s Staff had initially denied our client any award.  This never-seen-before result prompted Inside Counsel magazine to name it as one of the five milestones of the SEC whistleblower program.

  • Founded by an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer:The SEC whistleblower process is different from other government agencies’ whistleblower programs.  The SEC whistleblower program is complex and nuanced.  First hand experience is important in understanding and interpreting the rules and regulations of the SEC whistleblower program, as is an in-depth knowledge of securities crimes and frauds.SEC whistleblower tips are investigated by the SEC’s Division of Enforcement.  Some whistleblower lawyers may have little to no experience with SEC enforcement cases.

    Jason R. Pickholz, the founder of The Pickholz Law Offices, has been representing individuals in SEC investigations and cases since 1995.  He co-authored the book Securities Crimes, has taught lectures on the SEC whistleblower program and other securities topics, and was elected by his peers to serve as a Fellow of The New York Bar Foundation — an honor granted to just 1% of the attorneys in the New York State Bar Association.  To find out more about Mr. Pickholz, please click here.

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If you would like to speak with an SEC whistleblower lawyer, please give us a call at 347-746-1222.  Your initial conversation of up to one hour is free of charge.


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