Many law firms advise clients on a wide range of things.  They often do this through various departments or “practice groups” with names like “litigation group” or “corporate department”.  Through these practice groups, law firms claim to be able to help clients in various areas, such as by making filings with the government, or advising on complying with industry regulations.  However, few firms have a dedicated SEC whistleblower NY City law office.

If you are considering becoming an SEC whistleblower, it is probably a good idea to consult with a lawyer from an SEC whistleblower NY City law office that focuses on representing SEC whistleblowers.  Keep in mind that an SEC whistleblower NY City law office, like The Pickholz Law Offices, may be able to help you if you live in other States, or even in a foreign country.

If the SEC uses a whistleblower’s information in bringing a successful action and collects more than $1 million from the wrongdoers, the SEC must give the whistleblower(s) a monetary award of between 10%-30% of the amount it collects. While this may seem simple, there are many rules that govern the SEC whistleblower program and that must be followed to be eligible to receive an award.

In addition, some factual situations can give rise to more than one type of case.  For example, if an individual at a broker-dealer is lying to sell securities to unsuspecting customers, you might think you have discovered a sales fraud case.  But if one of the company’s officers knows about the salesperson’s conduct, it is possible that the company is also in violation of supervisory rules.  The SEC could bring a case based on either or both of those violations.  Therefore, when hiring a lawyer to advise you on an SEC whistleblower matter, you might be better served by hiring a lawyer who not only claims to know how to file your tip with the SEC, or what it takes to qualify for an award, but who also has had many years of experience representing clients in cases with the SEC and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the U.S. securities laws and an understanding of how the SEC interprets and applies those laws.

The Pickholz Law Offices, a dedicated SEC whistleblower NY City law office, was one of the first law firms ever to win an SEC whistleblower award for a client.  (See official SEC Award here.)  The Firm was also the first whistleblower law firm ever to win an award for a client on appeal after the SEC’s staff had recommended denying an award.  This groundbreaking result was named as one of the “Five milestones in the Dodd-Frank whistleblower reward program” by Inside Counsel Magazine.  For related articles click here (Boston Business Journal) and here (NY Times).

Our founder, Jason R. Pickholz, has been representing clients in SEC cases since 1995, and has been representing SEC whistleblowers since the SEC whistleblower program was created in 2010.  He is also a co-author of a 2-volume treatise on securities crimes, published by leading legal publisher Thomson Reuters.

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