sec whistleblowers law firm nyLooking for the best SEC whistleblowers law firm NY has to offer?  With all of the law firms out there claiming to be the best, picking the right SEC whistleblower law firm can be a confusing, and sometimes even intimidating, process.

What Are You Looking For In An SEC Whistleblower Law Firm?

Perhaps the first thing you might want to ask yourself is what exactly are you looking for in an SEC whistleblowers law firm NY?  Are you impressed by the size of a law firm?  Or are you more interested in finding an SEC whistleblowers law firm NY employees, investors, and residents can trust to treat them as real people, with real concerns and issues — not as simply commodities or sources of legal fees?

The Pickholz Law Offices was founded by an SEC whistleblower lawyer.  Just a few months after the SEC whistleblower program was created in 2010, Jason R. Pickholz left a partnership at a national law firm to create a new law firm where SEC whistleblowers could receive the same high quality legal representation as at large firms, but delivered with the caring and hands-on personal attention uniquely possible at a focused Manhattan boutique.

What Do The Firm’s Former & Current Clients Say About It?

Since opening its doors, The Pickholz Law Offices has represented employees, officers, and others in SEC whistleblower cases involving financial institutions, investment firms, and public companies ranked in the Fortune Top 10, Top 20, Top 50, Top 100, Top 500, and Forbes Global 2000.

Unlike many other types of goods or services, it can be hard to find out what customers or clients who have hired a particular SEC whistleblowers law firm think about it before you choose one.  Client matters are confidential, and many people do not like to discuss their legal issues (especially whistleblowers).

That is why the Pickholz Law Offices is honored that many of our clients have been willing to share with you what they think about our professional skill and abilities, and our dedication to them and their needs.  If it would be helpful to you, please click the link in the margin to our client Testimonials page (or you can click here).

How Confident Are You That The Firm Can Handle The Most Complex Or Unexpected Situations?

Another question you might want to ask is whether you want a law firm that just dictates what you tell them and throws it in to the SEC, relying on luck of the draw to win an SEC whistleblower award.  Or would you feel more confident with an SEC whistleblower law firm that has proven that it has the knowledge, experience, and skill to succeed in the most complicated situations, just in case something unexpected happens down the line?

The Pickholz Law Offices was one of the first law firms to win an SEC whistleblower reward for a client.

Moreover, we were the first law firm ever to win an SEC whistleblower award on appeal to the Commission in Washington, D.C.  This never-seen-before result was so impressive that Inside Counsel magazine named it as one of the five milestones in the SEC whistleblower program.

To date (May 2017) the SEC has received nearly 20,000 tips from whistleblowers.  Yet in the 7-year history of the SEC whistleblower program, there still have been only 3 successful appeals (including ours) of SEC whistleblower award decisions.

How To Find Out More About The Pickholz Law Offices LLC

For more information about The Pickholz Law Offices, you can click on the links in the margins.

If you would like to speak with an SEC whistleblower attorney, please feel free to give us a call at 347-746-1222.


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