sec whistleblower lawyerIf you are wondering whether you might be eligible for an SEC whistleblower reward NYC law firm The Pickholz Law Offices may be able to help you.  We were one of the first law firms to win an SEC reward for a client.  We were also the first law firm ever to win an SEC whistleblower award on appeal.  This victory was named a milestone of the SEC whistleblower program by Inside Counsel magazine.

As an SEC whistleblower law firm, we have represented employees, officers, and directors in SEC whistleblower cases involving financial institutions and public companies listed in the Fortune Top 20, Top 50, Top 100, Top 500, and the Forbes Global 2000.

Jason R. Pickholz, the founder of The Pickholz Law Offices, is a co-author of the two-volume book Securities Crimes.  He was also nominated and elected by his peers to be a Fellow of The New York Bar Foundation.  Election as a Fellow is a professional honor limited to just 1% of the 74,000 lawyers in the New York State Bar Association.

Find Out What Our Clients Say About Us

When shopping for goods on-line, you can often find reviews written by past purchasers or users.  Sure, there are websites that claim to “rate” lawyers by giving them “stars” or by ordering them in lists.  If you type “SEC whistleblower reward NYC” into their search bars, you may get lists of lawyers to pop up.  But how reliable are those “rankings”?  Are their “ratings” and “reviews” all from actual clients who have hired those lawyers, or are the results bloated by lawyer-friends or people in the same law firm exchanging top “reviews” to boost each other up on the site?  Are there other factors that those websites don’t tell you about, like buying other products from them, or paying them for subscriptions or advertising?

Wouldn’t it be more informative and reliable if you could hear from a lawyer’s actual clients, in their own words?  With The Pickholz Law Offices, you can.

In addition to our credentials, The Pickholz Law Offices is honored that several of our clients have provided written testimonials to help you and others decide whether we are the right SEC whistleblower law firm for you.  You can read what they have to say in their own words by clicking on our Testimonials link or by clicking here.

For help in reporting corporate frauds and securities violations to the SEC and pursuing an SEC whistleblower reward NYC, national, and international clients have put their faith in The Pickholz Law Offices.  You can, too.

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